My niece Jackie came over Monday to mop the kitchen for papou. What ever could go wrong – right? First we learned that Jackie doesn’t move the kitchen furniture properly when she mops. ( What is wrong with her?) So the mopping began. ” Oh you started on that side of the kitchen? I guess there is nothing wrong with that, but I would have started over there. Now remember don’t forget occasionally to rinse out your mop and get clean water”. Papou is very good at supervising. When Jackie was done the floor looked excellent. She even mopped the bathrooms.

When Jackie had finished, she went to empty the mop bucket. Usually we empty it into the sink downstairs, but ” I am too tired to go downstairs to watch you empty the bucket properly – we will empty it into the yard this one time”. ( Problem solved ). My dad inspected the kitchen and bathroom floors ” You did an excellent job. Not necessarily the way I would have done them but everyone has their own way of doing things”. ( Yes properly and improperly – want to guess which one was Jackies? ).

Jackie then offered to clean the patio door and windows in the family room and to dust the house. ( Personally I don’t believe in dusting – it just comes back anyway – right?). My dad replied ” Clean the windows and patio door, but I am too tired to make sure you dust correctly. Besides, I want to watch TV, my shows are coming on”. Basically papou’s philosophy is he appreciates being helped around the house, but not without supervision every step of the way. Very few people know how to clean properly no matter how well meaning they are.