Yesterday I had a really bad day job hunting and had a headache most of the day, so I decided to go to bed early, get a good nights sleep and prepare for the next day. No big deal right? I went to the family room to say good night to my dad and niece. Of course the TV volume was turned up to the max and the windows were rattling as they usually do. I walked into the room and said ” Goodnight I am going to bed”. My dad replied ” You are going to Paneras?” Again ” No I am going to bed” “Why are you going to Pennys?” Finally I yelled ” I am going to bed – goodnight!”. As I left the room I heard my dad tell my niece ” Well that was very rude of him to yell like that. He needs to get a good nights rest”.  ( indeed )

Earlier in the day we had a man come and check our furnace to make sure it was running properly. When he left he informed my dad that we had a couple of leaks to take care of. After he left my dad’s friend Medhi ( you know the self proclaimed doctor ), came over for his morning coffee chat. Of course Medhi also had to inspect the furnace and when he was done told my dad ” Well I don’t see any leaks. He is just trying to rip you off”. ( I didn’t realize that Medhi was an expert in this field too – how lucky for us ). At least if we die from leaks from the furnace, I will never have to hear those words  again- Medhi said.