My dad was put on Plavix after his heart surgery. It is a blood thinner and he will need to take it for a year. Unfortunately, it caused him to break out in a rash. We made an appointment and the doctor assigned him to take another drug similar to the Plavix and warned that this drug could also have side effects. Sure enough the next day my dad took the new drug and later that night he again broke out in a rash. He had just taken one of his many other drugs a few minutes earlier before breaking out.

He decided he would quit taking this old drug that he had taken for months because he was convinced that it had caused him to break out – not the new drug.”You just can’t self medicate” I said. ” I am not self medicating , I am just refusing to take this pill”. I told him we should go to the ER and talk to a pharmacist. While we were having this discussion, my dad was talking to his friend Medhi ” See what I have to put up with? He won’t quit nagging me” When my dad finished his call he said ” Medhi advised going to the ER and talking to the pharmacist. It sounds like good advice. Let’s go”. My reply was “Ahhhhhhhhh”, which sounded a lot louder than it looks in print.

We went to the ER and talked to the pharmacist. She told him he should never quit taking any of his medications without the doctor’s consent. He said that was excellent advice. She also said that if he continued to break out in a rash, to call the doctor on Monday and they might give him some Benedryl to take care of the rash. ” So you want me to take Benedryl too?”. She again replied ” No, call the doctor on Monday and see what he advises”.  I am just happy that Dr. Medhi talked us into coming to the ER