Since we missed our regular grocery shopping day and since we were down to only a three years supply of food, we did an emergency trip to the grocery store. There were certain items that we could just not live without until Thursday. On the way walking into the first store, we passed a young man with hair dyed bright red. My dad “whispered ” to me in his in his oh so soft voice ” That kid looks extremely silly with his hair that way”. Of course the kid turned around and gave us a really nasty look. I was surprised he didn’t flip us off. Of course my dad replied ” That’s what is wrong with the world today, out of nowhere complete strangers behave very rudely”.  ( yes indeed )

The next stop was very urgent – the Family Dollar store. It is here that we get our cat treats. The cats had now gone two days without treats – a mutiny was bound to happen any day now. We entered the store only to find out that they had rearranged the whole store. How would we ever find the cat treats? My dad saw a clerk and quickly grabbed him ( the poor man ). ” Where are your cat treats? I must have some cat treats. I can’t go home without them”. Noticing the panic in my dad’s eyes, the clerk quickly took us to the new pet department and showed us the cat treats – what a relief!This time we bought two bags of cat treats. We won’t take the chance of running out again.