On Friday I took my dad to the hospital to have some stents placed into some of his bye passes that had narrowed over the years.  We arrived at 8, with the idea that he would be prepped and ready to be taken to surgery by 10. Unfortunately the man ahead of him had a heart attack and he needed urgent care, thus delaying my dad’s surgery.  When my one niece Katie called to see how he was doing, he replied ” Well dolly not that well but better than the poor bastard that went before me – he had a heart attack”.

Eventually they were ready to take my dad to surgery. As they wheeled him out the door he yelled ” Do you have money? Where will you eat?” After his surgery and his recovery, they wheeled my dad into his room. He was not pleased ” They tell me I have to remain lying on my back the next four hours. How can I eat this way? What kind of operation are they running here anyway?” He eventually did eat and started watching TV.

The next morning , he called bright and early to tell me that he had told the doctor that he needed to go home right away because he had a football game to watch that afternoon. They eventually did give him his discharge papers at noon. Before coming over to  take him home, my dad called and told me to bring him some underwear. ” This damn hospital, they stole my underwear. Why in the world would a hospital want an old man’s underwear?” ( I don’t want to know ).