My dad is really upset. No not about the fact that he is going in for an angiogram on Friday but because the doctor won’t let him go grocery shopping on Thursday. We went to the hospital today and saw my dad’s doctor to set up our Friday appointment. In the process my dad told the doctor that he did get tired more easily recently but that he would rest up for grocery shopping on Thursday. The doctor told him to stay home and rest on Thursday to prepare for Friday. As we left the office my dad said to me ” I wish I hadn’t mentioned grocery shopping to him. If we don’t go what if we run out of food?” ( I have a better chance of inheriting 1 million dollars ).  I told my dad that going grocery shopping and having him drop on the spot would ruin grocery shopping day even more. ( Unless we were finished and we were close enough to drop the food off first ).

So there will be no grocery shopping on Thursday and we will probably all die of malnutrition. The tricky part will be keeping him occupied all day Thursday. There is always that urge to clean or rearrange something – we must never just sit quietly.