Growing up in the sixties SDS stood for Students for a Democratic Society. They were an anti war group that was eventually banned from many college campuses. Apparently today it stands for Spoiled Dog Syndrome. I got my dog Apollo about 7 years ago for my birthday. He was literally the runt of the litter – half the size of his brothers – he fit in the palm of my hand when I brought him home. Since he was so tiny I called him Apollo and treated him like a Greek God. We all referred to him as the baby. Even our other dog Darcy was told to take care of the baby.

Then the puppy Dart arrived several months ago. At first we made the mistake of calling him the baby – we now call him the puppy when Apollo is around since Apollo will always be the baby. Apollo, after watching me pick up and play with the puppy, refused to come to me when called and would not let me pet him. If I was in the room he would not eat his food.

Then on Saturday we woke up to the sound of Apollo whimpering next to Dart’s playpen and he would not move. We got scared that something might be wrong and called the vet for an emergency appointment. As soon as I brought the lease in he jumped up and let me put it on – then hopped into the car. On the way to the vet his tail was wagging and he seem quite happy. When we arrived at the vet, he jumped out of the car and ran right in. The vet looked at him and told us we had been played – we came home. Unfortunately for Apollo, Dart was still in the house in his pen when we returned.