My niece Katie likes a bigger variety of food than my dad does. Each week she makes out her grocery shopping list that consists of what my dad calls her “foreign food”. For him this” foreign food “consists of items like : dried apple bits, low fat cottage cheese, artichokes and apple and cheese sausage. My dad was concerned: ” Where will we find these items? Will our regular grocery store carry these items? Will we be forced to go to one of those foreign grocery stores where not one person speaks English and we will never understand a word that is said? ”  (It kind of makes you leery about even leaving the house – doesn’t it? ).

We proceeded to our ” regular ” grocery store not sure if we would find all these “foreign items”. As luck would have it our grocery store carried every item on Katie’s list – it was a miracle. Of course locating these items was a challenge. Where does one find the dried apple bits? ( In the produce department with the fruits and vegetables – who knew ? ). Of course this also meant that we ourselves would not bother to look for theses items. Instead we found some poor unsuspecting clerk, that we drug around the store until all of the items were safely in our basket. On the way home my dad breathed a sigh of relief that we didn’t have to venture into one of those “foreign” stores”. But then he also started to worry about what items would be on our list next week.