On Saturday, we went to a birthday party for a very nice guy Bob. Bob is the father – in – law of my cousin Nicole ( the feta cheese heiress ). Everyone had a really good time : great food and a fun group of people. Even Nicole wasn’t as annoying as she usually is ( Hi Nicole – love ya ). But since it was Saturday we had a limited amount of time to spend at the party. Fortunately the University of Colorado football game wasn’t until 8 that night. This gave us plenty of time to wish Bob happy birthday, enjoy some food and conversation and get home in time for kickoff ( We never miss kickoff – it is written in a rule book somewhere ).

We are also waiting to get the results from the heart monitor. We were told they would read the results on Friday and then call my dad back. Of course being the patient family that we are, that won’t do. My dad has said he will call them back on Monday and every day afterward until they give us the results. I have a feeling that the phone receptionist and doctor will need their own heart monitor for stress before we are done.

My dad has also come up with another line when he signs his checks. He still says ” this signature will get you into the White House where you can meet a friend of mine President Obama ” he then adds ” Those damned republicans just won’t leave the poor man alone. We need to vote and kick all their butts out of office “. ( indeed )