People are always asking me why I don’t have a cell phone. My reply has always been ” Have you met my family ?”. The rare occasions of peace and quite occur when I am “out of pocket” and can’t be reached by phone. Recently however my dad has been having me take his cell phone with me when I go places. His reasoning is ” It is nice for you to have it on you, you know, just in case “. ( indeed ).

One of these “just in case” scenarios occurred yesterday. I had a dental appointment in the afternoon and took my dad’s cell phone with me. My niece Katie came home from work early and needed to borrow a car for an appointment. Unfortunately, my dad’s car wasn’t working and we were down to one functioning car – mine. And unfortunately, I had taken my car with me to the dentist. That didn’t stop my dad. I got a phone call while sitting in the dental chair – while the dentist was finishing a procedure. ” Hello, are you still at the dentist? How long will you be? “. I was able to barely mumble that I couldn’t really talk just then and that I would call back. My dad hung up the phone, turned to Katie and said ” Joe refused to talk to me – I don’t know why. It doesn’t do a lot of good giving him the cell phone if when you call him he refuses to help”.  Katie took a cab to her appointment and my dad and I had a discussion when I got home about having a limited conversation while sitting in the dentists chair.