My niece Jackie came over for a visit Sunday And also to help papou clean – this is more of a challenge than you would believe. The kitchen floor needed mopping and in spite the fact that Jackie has mopped it before and also worked in restaurants where mopping was required, my dad still had reservations that Jackie could mop the kitchen floor correctly. ( Not many people alive today could ). So she would mop and he would supervise – how much fun could this be?

Finally , my dad got tired and had to sit down. This meant Jackie was free to mop on her own. Of course it also meant that my dad would not be able to be there and tell her what she was doing wrong every step of the way. This also left doubt in everyone’s mind that the floor would be mopped properly. We just had to take our chances that Jackie was up to the task. Jackie mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors in less than an hour. My dad was positive that they couldn’t have been cleaned properly because ” That usually takes me hours to do it correctly”. Of course age and moving a little slower have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Anyway, the inspection began and much to my dad’s surprise ” She did a pretty good job”. Pretty good is high praise coming from my dad especially with his kitchen floor. But it also wasn’t perfect ” There are a few areas I would have cleaned differently – but she will learn” . ( indeed ).