Today my dad is upset – no not because he has to wear a heart monitor for two days – no –  because he also can’t shower for two days while wearing the monitor. As he explained to the PA ” I haven’t missed a day showering in my life. I am 83 years old “. The PA asked ” You mean you never missed a day even as a child?”. My dad replied ” Never – what kind of person doesn’t shower daily ? You want me to walk around all stinky ?”.  Apparently so because they placed the heart monitor on him anyway.

On top of the showering news, the PA was a little late for the appointment. ” I know they are trying to save my life, but they could be more punctual. I could die here just waiting for them”. So we came home with the heart monitor. My dad was also upset because with the monitor he could not tuck his shirt in his pants, it had to hang loose. This  is a man that even tucks his t-shirts into his pants. I mean after all ” Why wouldn’t you want to go out in public dressed properly?”.  ( indeed )

This morning when my dad woke up, he said he had not slept well. He was worried all night that he would move wrong and pull off one of the plugs. I’m not sure what they will be looking for on this monitor but we can all hardly wait until Saturday at noon when the monitor comes off. I think I will also mention to the doctor the stress of not showering and wearing the monitor has caused – just in case that shows up on the monitor recording.