Today my dad was scheduled for an echocardiogram. Last night when he told us about his appointment my niece Katie asked ” You aren’t going to die are you?” ( She comes by it naturally – we do Greek drama very well ). My dad replied ” Well dolly, I prefer not to but eventually we all will. I just hope it isn’t during football season”. ( Especially now that we have the PAC 12 network ).

So, away we went to the hospital for my dad’s appointment.  Now , of course this wasn’t going to be easy because Cardiology is now located in the new wing of the hospital. This would be comparable to grocery shopping, if we didn’t find Cardiology the minute we stepped inside then it would be time to panic because we may never find it. For this reason we left for the appointment an hour early. We got to the hospital, stepped inside and went to the information desk. Of course, we first had to chat with the woman at the desk, ignoring the line behind us. As it turns out our new friend Donna was very charming and was able to give us excellent directions to Cardiology. Unfortunately we got there rather  early and had to wait after signing in. ” Isn’t it awful how they always make you wait at these doctor’s appointments. It is very rude keeping someone old and tired waiting”. I pointed out to my dad that we had arrived early. ” That doesn’t matter, they should take you in when you arrive. At my age I could die waiting to see the doctor – then how would they feel?” Shortly afterward we were called in to get his echocardiogram. But we made sure to tell the doctor that we had been waiting for a while.