Well, this past week the new season of TV shows began. Although with my dad it really doesn’t matter. As he says ” My memory is so bad that they could reply an episode 10 minutes later and I still wouldn’t remember seeing it”. Yet, we had to sit down and watch all our favorite shows – very quietly. Of course my dad’s version of quiet is having the TV volume up loud enough for the people in West Denver to hear. The good news is that if the sound went off on any of the neighbors TVs , they still wouldn’t need to get their TV’s repaired – providing they were willing to watch only Channel 4.

So we watched and apparently we don’t like the new shows : Mom and The Crazy Ones. Mom is just ” Too raunchy – it is nothing but sex and drugs “. Yet we love Two Broke Girls because apparently their sex and drugs are funny. ( indeed ). As for The Crazy Ones – how can any show be any crazier than the every day occurrences that happen in this family? ( That will never happen – ever ). Plus Robin Williams just was not funny. I think he is stuck trying to play Mork, even after all these years. Of course our favorite show is still The Good Wife. The plot and acting are ok, but the big drawing card is Julianna Margulies. I mean after all she is Greek  and all your best actresses are Greek – right? She probably could be sitting on the show reading a book for the entire hour and my dad would love it. ( Best acting job ever – she better get an Emmy this year ).