Those are the words uttered by a young clerk at Walmart. He probably will never say them again. My dad took the clerk up on his offer and off we went. First on the list was Brylcream. The clerk had never heard of it before and asked what it was. ” You’ve never heard of Brylcream? It was around since before you were born. I put it in my hair”.  The clerk replied ” Oh you mean a hair gel?” – My dad ” Hair gel – I don’t use hair gel. It is a hair cream I put in my hair”. Luckily we actually did find Brylcream – on to the next item.

Next my dad needed Polident – to which the clerk replied ” What is that?” My dad answered ” Son when you get to be my age, you don’t always have your original parts. It is for dentures”. Fortunately the clerk did know what dentures were and we did find the Polident. The final item was a pre- shave. Of course my dad prefers to use his brand named product Electric Shave.

Apparently the clerk wasn’t paying attention to what my dad had said because he handed my dad a shaving cream. “What the hell am I supposed to do with that? My hands aren’t steady enough to use a razor. I would cut my face up in no time”. We did find the electric pre-shave and went to the checkout. On the way out of the store my dad said ” That clerk has no business helping anyone. He doesn’t seem to know what is being sold in the store he works in. Customer service just isn’t what it used to be”. ( indeed )