With the recent flooding in Colorado, government officials have been worried about the negative effects on tourism. Tourism is a very big part of the Colorado budget and Colorado is the destination of many tourists worldwide. As I was thinking about this I came up with a slogan that would not only embrace the current disasters but also promote tourism. “Colorado – if the fires don’t kill you the floods will”. My dad was not impressed ” Who uses death to promote tourism?”. I pointed out to him that I wasn’t using death – just making the best of a bad situation. So far no one else has embraced my idea. I guess I am surrounded by people that refuse to think outside the box. I’m still waiting to hear from the Colorado tourism bureau.

We spent most of Monday cleaning the house vacuuming and dusting mainly. On Tuesday Jose the Iranian repairman will be coming over to repair the ceiling in the hall. Apparently he did an excellent job on the roof because on Monday it rained very heavily in the morning and the roof didn’t leak once. Way to go Jose! My dad had us wipe down the ceiling and get rid of the water spots ” You want Jose to think we are white trash – slobs? I want him to enter a clean house – one that he would be proud to fix the ceiling”. Foolish me – here I thought getting paid is what would make him happy – who knew.