My dad says he thinks he is losing his mind. When I asked him how would we know, he got angry – clearly he has lost his sense of humor. My nieces keep teasing my sister Toni about this same issue. According to Jackie one day the doctor will approach both girls and tell them ” Your mother is acting very rational, making good sound judgements – she has never seemed more aware and sane”. Jackie says she will then reply with much concern ” My God doctor – how much time does she have left?”.

We come from a very large Greek family that is full of very eccentric people ( isn’t that right Nicole? ). Therefore we aren’t the best people to judge whether some one is acting sane and rational or not. I suppose you would draw the line at wearing your underwear on the outside of your pants. On the other hand that could catch on as a trendy new fashion statement.

Friday, Jose the Iranian , repaired our roof. His cost came in under budget ( cheap ). Now the next time it rains, we will find out how good of a repairman Jose really is. He is scheduled to return Tuesday of this week and repair the ceiling in our hall. The biggest question of all remains though. Can we trust Jose the Iranian repairman if he isn’t listed on Angie’s List?