Most people when they go grocery shopping, have one list – not us.  My dad makes out 3 lists with each of our names on it. Then when we get to the store we take one list put those items in the cart and when we are done we repeat the process 2 more times. I asked my dad why we don’t just make one big shopping list instead of three. He stated ” But what if we forget something on the list that someone really wants?. It just makes more sense to have separate lists and check items off as we get them  – that way nobody gets disappointed because we forgot something”. Of course when we get home, we found out that we had forgotten his ice cream – he failed to see the humor in this.

When we were at Safeway, there was a man there repairing wires on one of the freezer units. Of course, this gave my dad the opportunity to say hi and make a new friend. Unfortunately , the guy didn’t reply and my dad walked away very upset ” People just don’t have any common courtesy anymore. Would it have hurt him just to say hi? ” I pointed out to my dad that the guy was on a cell phone at the time and probably just didn’t hear him. To which my dad replied ” I’ll bet he doesn’t have many friends. Who wants to be friends with someone who doesn’t have the common decency to say hi?” ( indeed ).