I had always assumed that the name Jose was mainly associated with Spanish speaking Countries. Apparently ,I was wrong. my dad’s friend Medhi ( yes, the one and only Medhi ), has an Iranian friend Jose that is an expert on roof repairs. I suppose he was the leading roof repairer in Iran until he found his way here – lucky us. We will be meeting with Jose on Friday so he can assess the damage and assign a cost for repair. Supposedly, not only is he good at his craft but cheap. Our type of guy.

My dad is worried about the condition of the roof ” What will Jose think when he climbs up on that roof and sees that mess? He will think that I don’t take care of my house”. I pointed out to my dad that the reason Jose was coming was because the roof had been damaged, not because we neglected to take care of the house. His reply was ” Yes, we want and need him to fix the roof, but someone should still clean up the mess on the roof. We don’t want him to think that we are just some poor white trash that doesn’t take care of their property”.  My feeling is mother nature made the mess, let her clean it up. Something tells me Jose won’t care as long as he is paid. Besides the up side to this is the potential for my dad to make another friend.