Today the insurance inspector came over for the evaluation of our leaking roof. Of course he was a few minutes late so my dad was not pleased. ” People just don’t care nowadays, no professionalism left in anybody”. Of course then when the guy arrived everything changed. Meet our new friend and possible dinner guest William. William came inside, much to the delight of all the dogs ( finally something to bark about ). He inspected the ceiling, the  door frame and the carpeting. The dogs were there every step of the way for backup and moral support. Finally William said he would need to get on the roof to assess the damage.

William had brought a ladder in his car , but my dad insisted that William use our ladder. After all our ladder is much better. My dad offered to go on the roof with William to help him inspect. Both William and i decided that would not be a good idea – ever. My dad was very disappointed, but let William climb up and assess on his own. When he came down , William stated that initially the water came in through the cooling system and then expanded causing the leaks in the hallway and kitchen. After he left my dad said ” Well I knew where the leak was without going up on the roof. And he does this for a living? Someone is overpaid”.  ( indeed ).