Well not really, but that was a great dance song played at the gay clubs back in the day. Now it is just raining and raining and raining. Yesterday morning, before our attempt to go grocery shopping, my dad got up to go to the bathroom. I heard him yell ” One of the dogs must have peed in the house, this carpet is all wet”. Then several drops of water hit him on the head. Now, either we had a leak in the roof, or one of the dogs had climbed on top of the roof to pee. We decided it must be a leak. ( oh joy ).

We now have several buckets in our hallway and the man from the home owners insurance will come Monday to assess the damage. Seems like a lot of that will be going on in the Denver metro area after seeing the news reports. Of course then our next concern was picking up my niece Katie as she returned home on the bus. My dad was watching news reports all day and was in a state of hysteria. ” Peoria is flooded. Her bus won’t be able to stop. We’ll never see Katie again”.  ( Remember the Greeks invented drama and they are damn good at it ). Eventually we heard from Katie, and the bus had taken an alternative route and I was able to pick her up at another stop. One crisis avoided, but many more to come today I’m sure especially if it continues to rain.