Have you heard the phrase – stubborn Greek?  It is  a reality not just a phrase. Today , it is raining and flooding all over the Denver metro area. But since it Thursday, we have to go grocery shopping. After all ” How much can a little rain hurt?” ( how much indeed ). So, as we are driving down the street, cars pass and splash water on us. my dad says ” People drive so rudely anymore. When I was younger they were so much more courteous”.  So what if you are driving down flooded streets with water as high as the car doors. Our first stop as always was Family Dollar.

Family Dollar is where we get our dog and cat treats, so this is the most important stop in our grocery shopping spree. We go into Family Dollar, get the treats and go to the register. Just as the clerk is ringing up our check the lights go out and we are all in the dark. Immediately, the clerk shouts “Everybody put you items down and leave. Without electricity we can’t conduct business, so you must leave the store”. My dad turns to her and says “But you have my check and I need my treats for my pets”

Just then the lights come back on. The clerk tries but the register still won’t take the check. My dad pays her in cash and we leave. After this we decided to go home and wait until tomorrow to finish our shopping. As we are driving home my dad says ” I am very glad we got the treats for the pets, but why did we decide to go shopping today? Look at all this water”. ( why indeed ).