Apparently, the dog treats currently on sale in the stores are not good enough or healthy enough for my niece Katie’s puppy Dart. She decided to make her own and filled the kitchen with the aroma of bacon and peanut butter. Now, Katie cooks to relax , so we always have snacks around the house. ( All very healthy and with very few calories – yeah right ). Katie cooked the bacon and mixed in the peanut butter and we had puppy cookies. She then placed them in the refrigerator. As it happened my other niece Jackie came over for a visit that afternoon. Now since we always have snacks around the house, Jackie saw the cookies in the refrigerator and decided that they looked tasty. She bit into one and came walking into the family room and told Katie ” These are some of the worst tasting cookies you have made. Usually your cookies taste so good”.  Dart was not pleased when he found out what had happened.

Even though my dad just didn’t understand ” Why would you go all the way to Arizona for a dog?”.  We have caught him several times now in the family room with Dart on his lap.  ” What do expect me to do? He looks like he is in prison when he is in his pen and then he looks up at you with those big black eyes”. ( I suppose that is ok, just as long as we don’t spoil him – right ).