Apparently the new puppy – Dart – for short, has been getting a certain brand of puppy food. Lucky for us, Costco is the only place that carries this brand and we now shop there. So off we went to Costco and of course the puppy food was the major priority. While looking my dad did find the brand we needed but only in the adult size. Finally I found the bag we needed and showed it to my dad. ” That’s very good but why are you showing it to me? Put it in the cart. We have shopping to do, we don’t have time to waste”. ( What was I thinking? ).

My dad views these shopping trips as a way to make new friends and now with going to a new store – Costco – he has excelled in his friend making skills. First if we don’t find an item in the first two seconds, we have to ask someone for the location of the item, after all our time is very precious and we need to get back home. We don’t know why we are in such a hurry to get back home but we are. The clerks were very helpful and as my dad pointed out ” They know their products and the locations” . And the clerk at the checkout was very nice and laughed at all my dad’s jokes. All in all this time we left Costco extremely pleased. We found our items, made new friends and will be more than happy to return next week to see how all our friends are doing and maybe even shop a little. Well done Costco!