While changing over to Dish from Direct TV, one of the promotional items we got was free DVR for 3 months. At first my dad was excited ( he thought it was just an upgraded version of a DVD player/recorder ). Then we told him that he could record 4 different shows , while watching another  one all at the same time. Of course this was totally impractical to him. ” Who in the hell needs to record all those shows? If you are not home and are going to miss a show you like I can see recording that.  But to just randomly record all these shows to watch later – you will end up sitting on your butt in front of the TV forever”.

To make it worse, the cable man hooked up the DVR incorrectly when he installed it. We decided to demonstrate to my dad how it works. There was a football game coming on at the same time as the news and he had wanted to watch the game – but he never misses the news. So we programed the DVR to record and sent him to his bedroom to watch the news. ( simple right? ). My dad came out of his bedroom ” I can’t watch the news, that damn game is on every station”.  When we explained that it had just been hooked up incorrectly and that we would have the cable guy come out and fix the problem, my dad wouldn’t budge. ” No, just go buy some more tapes for my DVD ( he refuses to record on disc ). I want to be able to watch my news and my football”. The dish guy will be coming out this week to remove the DVR.