Over the weekend our household grew by one. Say hello to D’artagnan, my niece Katie’s therapy dog. He is a tiny 2 and 1/2 pound bundle of fur and puppy kisses Maltese. He will be helpful for Katie and her rheumatoid arthritis. Katie had to fly to Phoenix on Saturday to pick him up and bring him back. Of course my dad wasn’t convinced that this was necessary. ” Who ever heard of flying out of state to get a pet? Hell Denver is full of pet shops and they all have dozens of puppies. Besides the last thing we need around here is another dog. I could give Katie her therapy” ( indeed ).

So Saturday we took Katie to the airport and later in the day we picked her and D’artagnan up to bring them home. Later in the day after having the puppy settled in, Katie and I decided to take our afternoon walk. We asked my dad to watch the puppy while we were gone. He agreed but said “I sure hope he won’t be to much of a nuisance, puppies require so much attention”. Of course when we returned we found the puppy sound asleep on my dad’s lap.

On Sunday my niece Jackie came over to see the new puppy and to watch the University of Colorado football game. ( We are big on college football). When she arrived my dad told Jackie ” When you have some free time I could use some help around the house”. Jackie replied ” I have time now, what can I do? “. My dad shaking his head said ” Well not now for Pete’s sake. We have to watch the game. What are you thinking?” .