My dad’s friend Medhi talked my dad into giving Costco one more try. He suggested that my dad relax and look around and get an idea of what items can be found at Cosco. My dad told me that “Medhi thinks I am too hyper ” ( Why would he think that ? ).  So with our Costco cards in hand we began our adventure. Once we started to look my dad was very pleased. ” Look at this price on the chicken breasts. And they have the same brand of string cheese as Sam’s but cheaper”. Needless to say , by the time we left Costco my dad was very pleased. ” Just think , they have the same items as Sams but cheaper. Why didn’t we come here sooner? ”  ( Why indeed ).

Of course entering a store with my dad is always exciting. He starts reading off his grocery list the minute you walk through the front door. ” Let’s see, we need eggs, cereal, pop, potatoes, cheese, meat , some potatoes ” and on and on. Of course then it makes things even more interesting when we return home. If there happens to be one item that is forgotten , the first question always is ” How did you forget that, I read the list to you – you’re getting as forgetfull as I am”. ( Or possibly I just quit listening ? ).