Things are getting exciting around here now because college football season is just days away. Of course this means that we have to be prepared to record every game – even the ones we are currently watching – just in case something is missed. ( this way we will never miss the most important play of the game ).  Of course this means we have to do many test runs, so that something doesn’t go horribly wrong when the real thing happens. Monday, my dad came to me and said ” I can’t get the damned recorder to work”. This is cause for panic because the game will be Sunday – only 1 week away.

So we went into the family room to determine what the problem might be. The first thing I noticed was that there wasn’t a tape in the machine. ( this might cause a problem ). I told my dad to try it now. ” It still won’t work – this piece of crap!”. I then noticed that he was trying to use the phone to turn on the TV. ( In his defense the remote and phone do look a lot alike ). Once he had the remote , he turned the TV on and then pressed record. Of course, just because the machine showed the recorder working, we still had to prove that it had recorded. My dad stopped the recording and rewound the tape. The recorded show played back to us perfectly.  My dad turned to me and said ” See, I told you there was nothing to worry about “.  ( indeed )