On Friday the men came to fix our plumbing. They moved the rock and started digging – they ended up digging deeper than they had first planned. The hole had been planned to be only 8 feet deep but they needed to go 12 feet. Of course this was all very exciting to my dad and he had to show his friend Medhi when he came over for coffee. So there they were holding on to each other staring into a 12 foot hole. When one of the workers saw them he yelled ” Don’t stand so close to that hole, you will fall in “. My dad turned to Medhi and said ” How dumb do they think we are? We aren’t just going to jump into some 12 foot hole “.

They did however back up and allowed the men to go back to their work. Medhi eventually had to go back to work, but my dad was determined to watch every bit of this event. Plus , you never know ,they might need some advice. As the day went on and as the work continued my dad became best friends with the supervisor of the project – his name is Mike – and Mike brought my dad a chair so that he could sit and supervise in comfort. Finally they finished the project – with my dads approval. They replaced most of the rock except on the exact spot where they dug the hole. They packed the dirt into a mound and it really does look like a grave. Being the first ones on the block to have one maybe we can be trend setters. Plus think of the fun we can have with our very own grave in the front yard on Halloween.