We decided to give Costco another try this week. The plan was to go to Costco and take our time – perhaps a half hour – and look around and become familiar with the location of the items we needed. ( What could go wrong – right? ). We entered Costco, both of us with our Costco cards in hand. We started to look around and finally arrived at the meat section. My dad picked up some chicken breasts and said ” They want me to buy 30 pounds of chicken – it is a good price. But 30 pounds! And who uses that much toilet paper? And I can’t buy a single pizza – I have to buy them in packs of 4! ” I reminded my dad that Costco was like Sam’s Club and that they sold items in bulk. He turned to me and said ” Well then why did you bring me here? I don’t need any bulk items today “.  ( Why indeed )

While shopping we also discussed what food we would be serving at our football open house in September. My dad was adamant that Katie not serve any of that ” kung foo garbage. People want real American food “. Yes , you know American food like steak, potatoes, Greek salad , Pastitsio and Baklava – real American food. Football and Baklava, the new American college football tradition – it could catch on who knows.