Several weeks ago our plumbing clogged and everything got backed up – it was a mess. We called a plumber and after assessing the situation he gave us two options: 1.) We could wait about 3 more years until the pipes would be totally rusted out and then replace them – this included digging up the concrete basement floor -woo hoo. 2.) We could replace the pipes now with a hard plastic  pipe that could be inserted without digging up the basement floor and would come with a fifty year guarantee. ( Guess which one we chose).

My dad then went into a panic after the plumber left. ” How long will this take? We will probably spend several days in a motel and have to board the cats and dogs. Plus who can we get to move the rock in the front yard before they begin to dig? ” Our front yard is rocked in with a few native plants that the animals can eat off of and these plants require very little water. ( Aren’t we top notch environmentalists ).

I had my dad call the plumber back and much to his relief we found out that the whole process would only take three hours. ( this meant no motel and there are several places close by in case there is a need for an emergency bathroom stop ). Also we were told that the plumbing crew would pick up the rock and put it back once the project was done. Now all we have to do is wait with great excitement until Friday arrives and it will all begin. ( oh joy ).