My niece Katie told my dad yesterday that she would like to have an open house on a Saturday in September. Invite family and friends over for some good food, fun and conversation and of course Saturday college football. My dad thought about it for a while and then responded ” That would be nice having family and friends over for a visit. I always enjoy them. And I have a TV in my bedroom where I can go to watch my game “.  Katie said ” But papou that is part of the fun , having everyone over and watching the game together “.  My dad shook his head and said ” Hell no with all that talking and laughing and some of our family can’t keep their mouths shut for five minutes. No,I will go in my bedroom where I can watch and really enjoy the game “. Come to think of it I have a TV in my room too – this will be one heck of a party.

When my niece Jackie was visiting the other day she was telling us about an internship she would be doing as part of her premed requirements. She decided to do a stint at the Arapahoe County Coroners Office. She told my dad that she would have to be there at 7:30 AM. My dad replied “Why does it matter what time you are there? It is not like the people you will be working on will be going anywhere “. ( this is true ). When she left my dad told me ” I think Jackie will do really well with dead people “.  ( indeed )