About ten miles north of where we live, is the Rocky Mountain Wildlife National Preserve. It is the largest wildlife preserve in the country. It started out as the Rocky Mountain Arsenal – it was established during WW11 , to manufacture weapons and house captured Nazi soldiers. I the 70’s the government closed it, cleaned it up and gave it back to the state. It now is home to over three hundred species of wildlife.

On Saturday, the Defenders of Wildlife met and we all went on the free bus tour of the preserve. There are areas where you can hike, and roads for car and bus tours. You just have to remember to stay in your car or if you are hiking follow the correct paths. Hiking near the buffalo herd might be dangerous. The area was beautiful, the weather was great and we saw many species of wildlife – including the buffalo herd. Apparently one of only three pure herds in the country. At first I thought that this would be a great place to bring my dad.

When I got home I told him all about it and about all the animals. His first response was ” This would be a great place for a hunter, all those animals in one area. I wouldn’t have to walk that much at all. You know I can’t walk as much as I used to when I was younger”. I told him that being a preserve it meant that the animals were to be observed not shot. He replied ” Oh hell, if all I want to do is look at animals, I can stay at home and watch one of those nature shows on TV. I don’t need to waste my time riding on a bus staring at animals”.  I will be going back in the future but apparently my dad won’t be coming along.