My niece Jackie is very busy with work and school. Yet she tries at least once a week to come and visit my dad. This past Wednesday she came over for a visit.  We were in the family room watching TV. Jackie started telling my dad about her day at work when he interrupted her and said ” Why are you talking so loudly?” Jackie replied ” So you can hear me over the TV “. ( People on the next block can hear the TV).  My dad looked at her, picked up the remote and said ” just a minute, let me turn down the TV. I can’t hear a word you are saying”. ( indeed )

Katie went to visit her friends Ray and Jeff on Saturday. While she was there she forgot to lock her phone and it redialed my dad. The house rule for everybody is you phone when you arrive and phone when you are leaving, so my dad knows about when to expect you home. God forbid you should be late. The phone rang and he answered ” Hello, hello who’s there?” Then he told me ” Katie dialed me and is talking on the phone with some strangers but she won’t answer me. What could be wrong?” I had my dad call Ray on his cell phone and he explained to Katie that her phone was on. Katie turned the phone off and the problem was solved. Of course Katie had to call papou back and explain to him that her phone had accidentally dialed him and that she wasn’t ignoring him.