So today my dad had coffee with his friend Medhi and as we all know  – Medhi knows everything. Once again he convinced my dad that Costco would be better to shop at than Sam’s Club ( of course we have been telling my dad the same thing for years, but since Medhi said it , it must be true ). So we decided to go to Costco.Once we got there we went to the membership desk and told the woman that we might want to become members. She stated that we could look around but could not buy anything unless we were members. My dad stated ” Well that is pretty stupid of course I want to buy something, give me a membership”

So we got our cards ( you actually get two members for one price ), grabed a cart and started to shop. Immediately my dad got upset ” How will we find anything? They have everything in different places than Sam’s” I suggested that we could look around and become familiar with the store but of course who has time to do that. When we go shopping we don’t mess around. We go to the store, grab our item, pay for it and leave in record time.

My dad decided to go back to the desk and cancel his membership. We approached the woman there and my dad said ” I don’t like your store I want to cancel my membership “. The woman mentioned that we had up to 6 months when we could still cancel our membership and get a full refund. My dad thought a while and said ” Ok, I really don’t like your store very much , but we will be back next week and try again” ( Oh joy ). So, if anyone would like to take my dad to Costco next week, I will throw in a bottle of wine – your choice. It will be an experience you will never forget and you will need the wine.