Our next door neighbor Carol sold her home and moved to California to live with her sister.  My dad had been friends with her sons. Over the years he had loaned them many tools  which apparently were never returned. And all of us in the neighborhood agreed that since the youngest son had gone to jail and the crime spree in the neighborhood had ended  things had gotten rather boring. So it was nice having new neighbors move in – friends to make and all those questions that needed to be asked about every detail of their lives.

Apparently, the man who bought the house, rented it to students at the CU Medical Center. Since the new hospital opened this has been happening more frequently. My dad was delighted since they would be ” Serious young people that won’t steal and they will make good neighbors”. ( indeed ). A few days ago my dad invited one of the young men over to take a look at a Nordic Track that we are trying to get rid of. It just so happened that my niece was in the kitchen, in her pajamas , when my dad brought the young man into the house. After he had left my niece told my dad that it had been embarrassing for her. To which he replied ” Oh for Pete’s sake, he didn’t see anything”. ( and she hopes to keep it that way ).

Apparently though, we seem to have privacy issues. The other day my dad went into my niece’s room  and got the trash can to empty it while she was at work. We tried to tell him about space and privacy. He replied “Oh for God’s sake. Growing up my three brothers and I shared a bedroom. We were always in each others space and we certainly didn’t have any privacy”.