Because of the new University of Colorado Medical Center being built close by we will be getting a light rail line running by the neighborhood. It will come off the freeway, around the hospital, come down the north side of Sand Creek Wildlife Preserve and then go on Peoria either north to Boulder, west to downtown or east to the airport. Of course many of the older people in the neighborhood ( my dad ) are concerned about what will happen. The other night a neighborhood meeting was held to discuss the many issues. My dad won’t go because ” They last to long and those old people are very hard to deal with”. ( I couldn’t agree more). So I go and then report back to him.

When I entered the meeting room I realized that I was the youngest one there ( I’m 60 ). It looked like a remake of the Mel Brooks movie ” Young Frankenstein “.  Angry old people – just no pitchforks. One woman stood up and said she was worried that with the light rail, it would bring in people to rob the neighborhood. As the spokesman for the light rail stated usually buglers come by car not light rail. Another woman was worried about the herd of deer in the preserve and the effects light rail would have on them. Now I have walked all over that area and have seen maybe 5 deer , a few foxes and many types of birds, but not a whole herd. The meeting ended, the people were still mad and it was clear the majority of them would never ride the light rail. As I got into my car I thought of starting the car and heading west, but the gas tank was half full, I forgot my wallet at home and it was pouring rain. So I drove home.