Every Sunday morning on our way to Church we stop at the cemetery and put flowers on my mom’s grave. Well we got to the cemetery, placed the flowers, got back in the car and it wouldn’t start. As I sat there playing with the ignition my dad said ” Won’t the car start?” Then there was the barrage of questions ” Could it be the battery? Did you remember to get gas? Is the key in the ignition properly? ” and Finally – ” Maybe we need to call a tow truck”. ( perhaps ). We called the towing company and the top truck arrived fairly soon. My dad got in front with the driver and Katie and i sat in the back. On the way back to our house my dad began telling the tow truck driver all about us. Shortly after that the driver turned the radio up fairly loudly and we listened to the oldies station the rest of the way home.

Several weeks ago my dad opened a letter addressed to me by mistake. The unfortunate part was that this particular letter was a ticket from the city – I had been caught on camera speeding. For the next two weeks as we drove around town, my dad would look up at the light when we stopped and see if there was a camera. If there was a camera he would ask ” Do you think this is the light where you were caught?”. After a while this began to get on my nerves and I told him I was going to drive us over a cliff and that I would make sure that there wasn’t a camera there to capture the event. He then replied ” You know you really need to relax more, I don’t know why you are always so tense”. (indeed )