On our grocery shopping list for Thursday, my niece had added Sorbet. Of course my dad’s first response was ” What is this and where do we find it?”.  I told him that it was a frozen dessert and could be found with the yogurts or in the ice cream section. Of course when we got to the store, by dad took one quick glance at the counter and declared that ” This store doesn’t carry it”. Then he picked up a container and said ” Oh look , I found it”. The container had on it , Orange Sherbert, and I told him it wasn’t the same thing. ” But this is very good and she will enjoy it just as much”. ( indeed )

We ( I ) finally found the sorbet – raspberry – and headed for the checkout. ” You know she is just like your sister ( Hi Toni ), with her weird taste in food”. “Your mother was the best cook in the world, yet when we would go to a restaurant, your sister would order the strangest thing on the menu “.  ” Now Katie is just like her. Why can’t they just eat good old American food?” ( or in our case good old Greek American food ). ” Instead we go shopping for sorbet, kung fu or some of that other Oriental crap “. I think I understand now why my dad never was much of a worldwide traveler. Imagine going to Cambodia and looking for the Texas Roadhouse.