Who would have thought that we would need my dad’s auto mechanic while grocery shopping. WE stopped at our first store, shopped and then got back into the car. The car wouldn’t start – the ignition wouldn’t turn with the key in it. What to do – of course call TR! My dad called TR and then told him “Talk to my son , I can never hear on this damn phone”. TR had me put the car in neutral and then start the car. Of course the trick to remember is that while the car is in neutral, you also have to have your foot on the brake when starting it.  ( go figure).

I also found out that my dad has discovered a new way of communicating to people while riding in the car. Since it is summer, many people have their windows rolled down. This allows my dad to yell ” Hello, how are you?” as we drive by. Needless to say at times this tends to startle people. The reactions have been varied. If the get the chance to yell back, we usually don’t hear what they are saying ( this might be a good thing ). Others appear surprised , grab their steering wheels, and swerve a bit ( no accidents yet – so no harm done ). And finally others appear to be waving, although I am never sure if they are using their whole hand ( probably best not to know ). Usually my dad is disappointed at the response and observes ” People just aren’t as friendly as they used to be “. ( Indeed )