We are a family that likes to keep in touch with each other. None of us will ever be on that show the Locator – they locate missing family members that haven’t been seen in years. With us you go off the grid for 20 seconds and we file with missing persons.  When I was working at my last job, before they let us code from home,I had a routine. When I got to work, I would call my dad. At lunch time I would call my dad. And right before coming home at night , I would call my dad. Of course this didn’t always work. If I didn’t call the minute I arrived ,there would be an incoming call ( the secretary at the front desk became good friends with my dad over the years – sometimes he would call her just to chat).

This has also happened with both my nieces. When my niece Jackie leaves from visiting, she promises my dad she will call when she arrives home. At various times she has forgotten which prompts my dad to suspect the worst “What if she got in a car accident and is lying in the road dying?” ( I guess with the way Jackie drives , that could be a real possibility ). Usually he calls her and asks “what the hell happened”.

My niece Katie started a new job helping various women clients. The job requires a  certain amount of anonymity and they wanted to adopt a new policy that when a phone was answered and a person was asked for by name all you could tell the caller is you would transfer them to that person’s phone. You could not tell the caller if the person was in the office or not.  Well my niece had told everyone there about her papou, so they were very familiar with him and the “papou exception” was made to the new rule.