My dad has this friend James. He has basically taken care of James over the years ( James lived with my dad for several years ). The last several years James has lived in a nursing home and my dad visits on a daily basis. Well , last week James was admitted to the hospital and my dad decided to visit him there. My dad left and then came back in a very short period of time ” They must have moved the hospital. It wasn’t there. I just could not find it”.  I told my dad that I hadn’t seen anything on the news about the hospital moving and that it just wouldn’t be coat effective to just pick up a hospital and move it. I did however, tell him that I would drive him to the hospital. ( what could go wrong with that plan – right? ).

We got in the car and headed for the hospital. I turned onto Peoria and my dad says  ” So you go down Peoria “. Then I turn right onto Colfax and my dad says ” So , you go down Colfax. I wouldn’t have gone this way but you are the one driving, I suppose you know what you are doing “.  ( indeed ). Finally I turn onto Colorado Boulevard and my dad says ” Are you really sure this is the best way to get there?” I pointed out to my dad that his way had not gotten him to the hospital, so this was at least worth trying. Finally from Colorado Boulevard I turned onto 9th Avenue and just a short distance down the block was Rose Memorial Hospital. We parked and I told my dad that I wanted to look around while he visited with James. My dad went upstairs and I began looking for the mental ward to see if they might have something for me for the drive home.