Today in Church my dad was having a very difficult time hearing the service. Finally he said ” Don’t those yoyos in the altar know enough to turn their microphones up so that normal people can hear what they are saying?”  And of course he said this with his” inside voice” , making sure that not only the yoyos heard him but also most of the people in Church. Our Cousin John, sitting in the pew in front of us got up and returned with a headset that the Church provides for those hard of hearing. Of course my dad was reluctant to put them on. ” I already have my ears on ( hearing aids ), why would that headset help?”.

Finally John talked my dad into trying them on and guess what – he could hear the yoyos in the altar. While this indeed was a miracle we are still left wondering if the “yoyos” in the altar really do believe that we think they are yoyos. Of course the big disappointment was not having the Bishop in Church this Sunday. He was visiting another Church. It has become a weekly tradition for my dad to go to the Bishop after Church and say ” See I am still wearing my George belt buckle that you gave me”. ( indeed )