The big debate going on in our house is whether we should switch our satellite dish carrier. The main complaint is that Direct TV doesn’t carry the PAC 12 network and as Colorado football fans ( actually Katie graduated from Cal, so we have some conflict of interest from time to time ), this is totally unacceptable. DISH , however does carry the PAC 12 network.  The major problem with switching according to my dad is ” We will have to learn new channel numbers for the stations we like, but I also don’t want to miss those football and basketball games”.  Decisions – decisions. We decided finally to make the switch – not an easy decision but based on necessity.

The other major problem we currently are confronting is the misplacement of the pruning shears. Normally this wouldn’t be such a big issue, but these particular shears belonged to my mom and in the summer time my dad uses them to cut roses to take to my mom’s grave every Sunday before Church. So sentimental reasons and new ones would be ” Too damned expensive”. Well we looked and looked all over. Finally , my dad said ” Call Ray and ask him if he knows where I put the pruning shears “. When we asked my dad why Ray would know his answer was ” Well when he was over here the other day I showed them to him, so he must know where they are “.