On Monday we decided to finally get my new car key.  We had gone to Ace Hardware on Friday. The man tried twice to make the key and each time it would not work. So on Monday we decided to give Ace Hardware one more chance mainly because ” They are very inexpensive “. I reminded my dad that cost was irrelevant if your new key would not open your car door. He reluctantly agreed. Well, no surprise Ace failed again. Where to go next? My dad’s friend Medhi ( who apparently is an expert on everything ) , had told my dad that if we went to a locksmith we would be charged at least $135.00 for a new key but that the dealership would only charge $35.00.

Since Ace Hardware had bombed out on us, the next cheapest place was the Toyota dealership. We arrived, parked the car and went inside. My dad was amazed that they could make a copy of the key just by knowing the year of the car. ” You mean , you don’t need the old key to cut a duplicate? This can’t possibly work”. We got the new key and tried it on the car door – it opened. Then put the key in the ignition – the car turned on. The key worked – it was a miracle. Best yet though was that the dealership only charged $7.00. ( Medhi was wrong – how was that possible? ).

On the way back home my dad turned to me and said ” The mailman took the rose clippers “.  I asked him how he knew. ” Well I was cutting some roses out front and laid the clippers on the mailbox.  Who else would have taken them?”. Who knew that as our mailman was walking down the street delivering mail, he was also clipping people’s rose bushes. Does it fit the job description?