The ignition has been sticking on my car and at times you can’t turn the car on or move the steering wheel. Now since I know absolutely nothing about cars my solution would have been much like what folks did years ago in the old west. Shoot it and get a new one. Apparently that solution isn’t acceptable anymore, so we needed to fix the ignition. My dad has his very own special car mechanic TR ( the guy’s name is ED but everyone calls him TR – go figure ).

My dad called TR and he said to bring the car over for a look – simple right? I had no idea where TR was located. My dad says “He is close to the vet “. So we head over to where the vet is located. When we reached the vet my dad says ” turn left” then “turn right”, then” turn left” again – we were lost. We ended up in this area of Aurora that looked more like a place where drug deals were made and not where cars were fixed. These two black guys emerged from one of the buildings ” Yo, what’s up my man?”. My dad said to me “Are they speaking English?” So he asked the one guy ” Where is TR?” and the man replied ” I don’t know no TR – who’s TR?”

My dad said “I need TR to fix my car”. And the guy replied “Yo man we don’t know nothing about cars, we paint houses”.  So my dad started chatting with them and as usual made some new friends. Now all we have to do is find TR – if we can get the car to start.