Yes, it is Thursday and we did go grocery shopping but it wasn’t typical. Now that I think about it, have we ever had a typical Thursday? To begin with we needed a vacuum filter. My dad wrote the filter number down from our booklet – what could go wrong? When we got to the store, we immediately went to the appliance isle in the store. We needed to make sure that they wouldn’t run out of vacuum filters while we wasted our time shopping for groceries. Unfortunately they didn’t have a package with our vacuum filter number on it. My dad picked up another bag with a completely different filter number on it and began opening it up. I told him ” You shouldn’t just randomly open sealed packages in the store, besides that isn’t even our vacuum filter number. He replied ” You can’t always go by what they put on the package. You have to examine it with your eye – you never know”.

After leaving the store – without the filter, we needed to go to the Family Dollar store for some items for the cats and dogs. What else could go wrong? My dad has a habit of trying to say something humorous to the clerk while he signs his checks. His latest is ” I don’t know why you need my ID. My picture is on the wall at the post office”. Well apparently this particular clerk didn’t realize that my dad was joking. Needless to say we spent several minutes with the security guard in the store and we were finally able to leave once he was convinced that my dad really wasn’t wanted for any crime. As we left my dad said ” It really is a shame that people no longer have a sense of humor”.