When I started this blog , I told my dad that I would be writing a blog about him and all he said was “Why?”. So, I thought that I would now sit him down and have him read the blog ( what could go wrong with that? ). I decided that I would start by having him read the post about Governor Dukakis and Greeks in politics. He sat down and read the post then said ” You’re right Dukakis should be President but at least Olympia won the Oscar”. Then after stopping to think for a while he said ” So who reads this blog? “.  I told him that friends  and some other people on facebook could read what was posted and that there are many blogs all over the internet that people read.

Again , my dad stopped and thought for a minute and said ” Do people find your blog funny or even interesting?” . I told him probably not but I do it anyway. Then he paused again in thought and said ” Do you really feel comfortable with just anyone reading your  posts?” Then he got up and stretched and said ” I’m tired, I will read more later”. Translated that meant ” I may come back and read more at the start of the new decade”.