As I have mentioned before, my family has always been very involved in politics – we are Democrats from birth. I have very clear memories of stuffing envelopes for JFK with my parents. Therefore, when Governor Dukakis made his Presidential run my dad was thrilled ” Imagine our first Greek president” . Sadly after the election all we could do was imagine. We did get to meet Governor Dukakis and his wife Kitty when they came to town to open his campaign office. My dad was thrilled but later said ” I was surprised he was so short”. Considering all the Greeks I know, I would have been more surprised if he had been tall – you know over 5 feet.

Years later we met Governor Dukakis again. We were sitting in Church when this very familiar looking guy sat down with us in our pew. My dad said ” Who is that guy and why is he in our pew?” ( I’ve never been exactly clear when it was that we paid for that pew, but it is now ours ). Of course once we realized that it was Governor Dukakis sitting with us all was forgiven. We even had a nice chat with him after Church and of course that thrilled my dad. Apparently he has relatives living in the Denver Area. And of course , just like all those Greeks on TV, we love Governor Dukakis’s cousin Olympia Dukakis – and  as my dad likes to point out “She won an Oscar”.