Unlike most Greeks, my dad has never run on “Greek time “. Instead his philosophy has always been – get there early – very early. On a normal Sunday we are usually the first family to arrive at Church , just in case someone would try to sit in our pew. This same philosophy then carried over when ever we would take a trip. My dad’s family is mostly in Salt Lake City and my mom’s family lives mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area – so we would always head west for a family vacation.

Of course this meant having everyone packed and ready to go at least 3 days before the actual trip. Nothing can compete with getting up at 3AM and loading the car and leaving to make it on time for breakfast in Grand Junction. Everyone needs to at least once in their lives to have the experience of breakfast in Grand Junction. I know it is something I will never forget ( and I have tried ). From Grand Junction you head west into Utah ( western Utah – how scenic ). Finally we would arrive in Salt Lake City. Now this is very scenic with the mountains all around. We would arrive at one of the relatives homes just about the time that they would be home from work. If we were early my dad would always say ” Where are they? They should be here by now. I sure hope we don’t have to wait long”.  Of course when our relatives would arrive , they would ask ” Have you been waiting long?” And my dad’s reply was always ” Oh no, we just barely arrived a little before you got home”.